Palermo. Energy desk: 3,500 users reached, 2,500 in attendance

S.over 3,500 users from the beginning of June 2020 to the end of February 2021 found assistance, in person or by phone and email, at one of the 13 project counters “The Energy Desk: Rights to Transparency“. The consultants of the six associations for the protection of consumer rights that gave life to the project (Federconsumatori, lead association, Acu, Adiconsum, Aiace, Lega consumers, Movimento defense of the Citizen), gave them answers for the most disparate questions. to the electricity and gas market.

The Project, implemented as part of the General Program of intervention of the Sicilian Region with the use of funds from the Ministry of Economic Development, provides for the activation, in all 9 Sicilian provinces, of 13 operational information desks and assistance for the protection of consumers and users of the electricity and gas service.

The operators carry out assistance activities to consumer citizens by providing valuable tools to orient themselves between the various commercial offers, to understand the tariff structure and the amounts invoiced, supporting them when they have to deal with the service providers for the resolution of any problems and misunderstandings, providing information on access to bonuses and how to keep your consumption under control.

The Energy Counters will remain open, albeit within the limits imposed by the anti-covid legislation, until June 2021. More than 2,500 users physically went to the counters, to obtain information especially regarding billing problems (self-reading , consumption, adjustments, reimbursements and transparency of bills), information relating to the energy market, change of supplier and unfair commercial practices (activation of unsolicited contracts, lack of right to reconsider), assistance in choosing the contract (information on application of tariffs, on transfer or withdrawal) and, finally, information on connections, bonuses, energy savings, photovoltaics, technical and commercial quality of the operators.

The list of the thirteen branches provided for by the project can be viewed on the Federconsumatori Sicilia website, a page where it is possible to find out where the nearest branch is located and which association manages it. directly. Finally, by visiting this page, it is possible to find the telephone numbers and email addresses to contact before going to the counter: in compliance with the anti-covid measures, in fact, it is highly recommended to contact the counter before going there in person.

Finally, on May 7, 2021, an information day will be held “Open Day”Online, in streaming, which will involve all 13 Energy Counters present in all the Sicilian provinces of the six aggregate consumer associations for the whole day. It will be a moment of information and dissemination aimed at all user citizens who will be able to interact with our operators and consultants and will be divided into specific sessions.

March 19, 2021 | 06:36