Palermo: Disruptions return to Piazzetta della Pace with sewage and bad smells on the road

The article discusses the return of sewage in Piazzetta della Pace in Borgo Vecchio. This has been a chronic issue for the Palermo neighborhood for nearly seven years, with sewage leaking and causing the water table to overflow. Buildings equipped with pumps are able to drain water and sewage, but at number 4 on the street, where there is only a blocked drain, sewage flows onto the sidewalks, asphalt, and the base of the building.

The latest incident occurred during the carnival festivities on February 14th: heavy rains caused the sewers to invade the street again, leading residents, tired of false promises and temporary solutions, to protest. The protests included children parading with paper boats in the puddles of sewage, followed by adults blocking access to the square with dumpsters and trash.

The neighborhood has been relying on temporary solutions and promises from successive city councilors for years. Even the employees of the local waste disposal company, Rap, are affected by the smell of sewage in Piazzetta della Pace, as one of the company’s collection centers is located there. They express their frustrations with the situation, stating that they, like all residents in the area, are forced to live with the stench daily, which is becoming unbearable.

Palermo, tornano i disagi in piazzetta della Pace: liquami e cattivi odori sulla strada

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