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Palermo, dispute with the ASP in via Arcoleo for the exemption of the online ticket

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Moments of tension in the decentralized headquarters of the ASP in Palermo in via Giorgio Arcoleo.
A group of Palermitans went to the offices for the renewal of the ticket exemption.
As soon as the employees explained that they had to submit the request online or through a Caf, the spirits among those present heated up.

Police officers had to arrive to restore calm.
From the ASP they let it be known that the procedure for renewing the ticket exemption from the beginning of April has been fully computerized.
This is to find the right balance between the pandemic period and the needs of over 450,000 users.
For those who find it difficult to carry out the procedure, there is the possibility of contacting the Cafs.
450,000 users from cities and provinces will be asked to renew or apply from scratch for the income ticket exemption from today, April 1st.
After the certificates had been validated ex officio during the period of the pandemic, interested citizens will now have to submit a request to the Palermo ASP exclusively on the internet using the online desk.

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