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Palermo – Di Caro denounces the lack of manager in the strategic sector of the Family department

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Giovanni Di Caro, regional deputy of the 5 Star Movement and vice president of the 5th Culture, Training and Work Commission at Ars, denounces the lack – in the strategic sector of the Family and social policies department – of a manager for three months.

“An inadmissible fact, especially if we consider that it is Service 2, which deals with the management of the Community programs Por Fse and Fesr”, comments Di Caro and continues: “Dozens of companies risk bankruptcy due to the credits accrued against of the Sicilian Region, resulting from dozens of interim payments, work progress and outstanding balances of the 2014-2020 Po Fesr actions.
All operations blocked because the Service does not have an executive in office, after the previous one was moved to other sectors of the regional administration ”.