Palermo designs hybrid carriages for tourist rides: electric motor pulls the carriage, the horse remains but without exertion.

The city of Palermo in Italy is planning to introduce electric or hybrid carriages for tourist rides. The aim is to protect the health and well-being of the horses while offering tourists a green and technologically advanced mode of transportation. The project aims to create a virtuous system that can preserve a centuries-old tradition while improving animal welfare and service quality through the use of technology. The modern carriages will be equipped with digital systems to provide tourist information in multiple languages. The electric carriages will eliminate the need for horse-drawn transportation and provide an ancient yet new way to explore the city. The project also presents opportunities for entrepreneurial startups, particularly for young people, who can take advantage of funding options. The city plans to expand the licenses of current operators to make Palermo a pilot city for improving tourist mobility. This initiative is driven by recent incidents involving horses used in tourist carriages, which prompted a reflection on the well-being of the animals. The aim is to uphold the historical and cultural significance of the traditional carriage experience while adhering to European guidelines on sustainable mobility, focusing on innovation, technology, tradition, and animal welfare.

Palermo progetta le carrozze ibride per i giri turistici: traino col motore elettrico, il cavallo resta ma senza fare fatica

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