Palermo, demonstration of local market workers at Palazzo delle Aquile:

Hands off the markets, the only goal is work“. A hundred workers from the local markets gathered below palace of the Eagles, seat of the Municipality of Palermo, to protest against the closures due to the increase in the number of infections detected in recent days.

We have families and we want to work – some of them say -. We want certainties, also because the data on which they were based turned out to be incorrect. The hope is that they will repent and make us work again“.

The event was organized by Confimprese Palermo.

We don’t understand why we have to stay closed and others have to stay open despite having an audience“, Said the president of the association, Giovanni Felice.

We will make a delegation to listen to the people who are experiencing the crisis – has explained Toto ‘Orlando, president of the municipal council of Palermo -. I would not venture to give a date for the reopening of the markets, but a relaxation of the measures is desirable, which would also be a sign that the pandemic is easing“.

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