Palermo, D’Antoni (Coni): “Alongside the swimming sports associations”

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due to the fees due for the use of municipal facilities

The Cones Sicily, through a written note issued by the regional president Sergio D’Antoni, stands alongside the swimming sports associations that yesterday raised a cry of alarm against the Municipality of Palermo which requested the advance payment of the next three months of the fees due for the use of the municipal facilities.

All the sport that is practiced in the municipal structures – writes D’Antoni – is in agony.
Many indoor facilities and outdoor sports spaces managed by the Municipality of Palermo are closed for various reasons, above all of a bureaucratic nature.
And those still fictional have no scheduling of routine maintenance which leads to closure for several weeks due to trivial failures “.
According to Coni, there are amateur sports associations “which operate at the municipal swimming pool and in other sports facilities – writes D’Antoni – which can hardly ever use the theoretically assigned spaces and therefore the request for advance payment is totally inappropriate”.

The Coni, through the member of the council Fabio Gioia, had already tried to sensitize the municipal administration at least to grant the assignment of the smaller facilities to federations or sports promotion bodies to avoid abandonment and vandalization: “like the gym in the Borgo Nuovo neighborhood – concludes D’Antoni – which could be immediately entrusted to a sports federation, but which unfortunately is not assigned due to bureaucratic problems.
In other cities of Sicily this is already a consolidated practice “.

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