Palermo, Cuffaro will not participate in the meetings with Lagalla Cipolla city commissioner DC

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Totò Cuffaro will not participate in the meetings with the mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla.
This is what emerges from a note sent this morning by the New DC.
The regional commissioner has in fact appointed Giorgio Cipolla as the party’s citizen coordinator commissioner and the latter specified that he will work together with the regional deputy commissioner Pippo Enea, to form “a municipal coordination group in order to better manage the upcoming obligations, including participation in the meetings that the mayor will want to convene for proposals and evaluations the commitments that the DC will have to assume for the administration of the city and whatever else is useful for the construction of a project of common good “.
A statement that comes in the aftermath of the rumors according to which Lagalla would like to distance himself from Cuffaro and in the full phase of talks between the mayor and the parties for the assignment of departments.
In recent days Cuffaro had reiterated that he did not want seats for the DC.
The goal “was to bring Christian Democracy back as a party of ideas and values ​​to the ballot paper – he said -.
I have repeatedly repeated that the New DC is not interested in positions of power.
Far be it from me the idea of ​​wanting and being able to count on the Municipality.
The councilors of the DC (3 elected ones, ed) are well aware that the highest expression of politics is service and not power.
With Roberto Lagalla there is a relationship of friendship dated over time and I have not at all thought of influencing him when I was president and he councilor of my council, let alone if I think I can do it now that he is mayor and I am nothing “.
No conditioning in Lagalla, therefore, and here Cuffaro is now also clearing himself from future meetings with the new mayor: the new party coordination group will take his place. A choice was to appoint Giorgio Cipolla as coordinating commissioner who officially confirms, according to the note, “how the New DC has decided to place the very young at the center of the political project who, thanks to their ideas, can make a contribution to the growth of the DC.
A process that has already begun with the candidacy of many boys and girls to the Palermo City Council and with the election of three young councilors “.

Cuffaro, therefore, officially turns away to give space to young people: it will not be he who represents the DC in meetings with the mayor.
A choice that the regional commissioner had already anticipated some time ago but, in the light of the rumors, takes on a different connotation, removing Lagalla from embarrassment.


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