Palermo, crumbling ruin in Cruillas near a school

Requested an intervention to secure a ruin in the Cruillas district, in Palermo. «I have come to know – declares the municipal councilor and group leader of Progetto Palermo, Massimo Giaconia – of an intervention by the firefighters, which took place on Tuesday in the ruin, which has been abandoned for years, bordering the Mendelssohn school complex in via Filippo Brunetto, in the Cruillas district. The firefighters, having ascertained the disastrous structural conditions, proceeded to cordon off the area with red construction site netting.

Giaconia adds that «the ruin, which over the years has been vandalized and set on fire several times, would be at risk of collapse, therefore, a real threat to public and private safety, especially for schoolchildren, given the proximity of the same to the school complex and to via Brunetto, a road with frequent pedestrian and vehicular passage. For this reason, in full agreement with the councilors of the Sixth District, Roberto Li Muli and Domenico Salerno, I have sent a note to the municipal councilors Orlando and Tirrito, to request that interventions be carried out for the immediate demolition of the ruin, even in the event that the property should not belong to the Municipality, placing all costs inherent in and subsequent to the intervention at the expense of the legitimate owners». Giaconia also posted some photos of the ruin on Facebook, which we reproduce here.

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