Palermo: Crivello and Soleri among the candidates to leave, Floriano could stay

In a few days it will be back on the market. The session will begin on 2 January and end on 31 January, i.e. after the championship has restarted with the first round matches of the second leg scheduled for the 14th.
And it will be a market that Palermo will turn to to insert two-three quality players as requested by Corini and to lighten the squad, given that the Rosanero coach considers 26 outfield players excessive.

It will be necessary to create a couple of slots in the over 23 list while young people can be taken freely. And speaking of young people, many could go and play elsewhere since they can’t find space in Palermo: Accardi is really close to going to Piacenza at least until June, Lancini also seems destined to leave the team.
Among the candidates to be excluded from the over list are two or three players like Crivello, Soleri and Floriano.
However, a different reflection should be made on Floriano because the player has been praised several times by Corini who has great esteem for the Rosanero winger. Floriano’s commitment, dedication in training as well as the important contribution that he also manages to give when he enters the field for a few minutes are all elements that could convince the coach and the club to keep him. In short, Floriano even employed for 25-30 minutes proves that he can still be an important player for this team also because his qualities are indisputable and perhaps the best of the entire squad. But unfortunately age doesn’t play in his favor.

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