Palermo crackdown on nightlife: Pub owner at Candelai reported for serving alcohol to minors

New controls have been implemented on the nightlife in Palermo. Police officers, military police, financial police, and municipal police have conducted numerous checks in various areas. During these checks, 64 people were identified, including 18 with previous convictions. In the Candelai area, the owner of a pub was reported for serving alcohol to minors, resulting in a fine of 4,000 euros, and violations related to unauthorized use of public space, leading to additional fines of 473 euros. The finance police inspected 4 businesses in via Maqueda, identifying 6 individuals and issuing two fines for failure to issue receipts. In the Vucciria area, the carabinieri and municipal police found serious sanitary violations in a pub, leading to its immediate closure and a fine of 6,000 euros. In Sferracavallo, the highway police carried out extensive checks on drivers, including alcohol tests, resulting in the identification of 22 individuals and inspections of 9 vehicles. One driver was charged with drunk driving, resulting in a 10-point deduction from their license and suspension.

Palermo, controlli sulla movida: ai Candelai denunciato il titolare di un pub che dava alcolici ai minorenni

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