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Palermo, Covid cases in the Municipality and 30 coffines remain blocked at the Cervello hospital

Covid cases between the administrative staff of the Municipality of Palermo and thirty coffins remain in the morgue of the Cervello hospital. “There are about 30 bodies in the mortuary of the Cervello hospital in Palermo. Only yesterday 17 dead were brought from the wards. Then there are the people who died yesterday not in hospital that can be taken to the cemetery by funeral homes only on Tuesday, and therefore the bodies will remain at home for four days. Today planning a funeral in Palermo is almost impossible “. This was stated by a representation of the Palermo funeral directors, struggling with the problems caused in recent days by the growing number of deaths and the small number of municipal employees serving in the offices, further decimated by absences due to positivity at Covid.

Other families, about ten, are keeping the bodies of their loved ones at home. For the whole week, the municipal burial services office moved to various locations: “We had several employees who tested positive and we had to sanitize the offices – says city councilor Antonino Sala – It is an essential service and for luckily we were able to activate stations in various parts of the capital. I followed the works to ensure the opening of the offices. Today we are realigned. For the coffins in the Brain now I will ask and try to find a solution. On Monday we will make sure that the patients dead at home are transported to the cemetery to have the funeral celebrated “.