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Palermo. Covid 19, the data updated to Sunday 03 April: the positives decrease

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“No.In the week just ended – they write from the Statistics Office of the Municipality of Palermo – there was a new decrease in the number of new positives.
The hospital situation has instead worsened slightly this week as well: ordinary hospitalizations and new admissions to intensive care have increased.
The number of deceased people is also on the rise.

1) In the week just ended, the new positives in Sicily were 39,286, 14.4% less than the previous week.
The ratio between positive swabs and swabs performed also decreased, from 18.6% to 17.6%.
2) the number of current positives decreased by 18.4%, from 229,157 to 187,062, 42,095 fewer than the previous week.
3) People in home isolation are 186,020, 42,144 fewer than the previous week.
4) The hospitalized are 1042, of which 65 in intensive care.
Compared to the previous week, they increased by 49 units (ICU patients remained unchanged).
In the week just ended, 37 new admissions to intensive care were registered (2.8% more than 36 in the previous week).
5) the number of healed (793,966) increased by 81,340 units compared to the previous week.
The percentage of healed out of the total positive is equal to 80.1% (74.9% last Sunday).
6) The number of deaths reported in the week is 150 (23 more than the previous week).
Overall, 10,137 people died, and the lethality rate (deaths / total positive) is 1.0% (like last week).
7) The total hospitalized represent 0.6% of the current positives (the hospitalized in intensive care less than 0.1%).
8) Compared to the corresponding week a year ago, the new positives went from 7,005 to 39,286 (+ 460.8%), the hospitalized from 1,127 to 1,042 (-7.5%), the hospitalized in intensive care from 152 to 65 (-57.5%), new admissions to intensive care from 69 to 37 (-46.4%), deaths from 114 to 150 (+ 31.6%) “.

04 April 2022 | 10:38