Palermo – Court of Auditors, regional councilors and managers convicted, must compensate the Region with 381 thousand euros

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The judicial section of the Court of Auditors sentenced the former councilors of the Sicilian Region, Lucia Borsellino, Baldassare Gucciardi and the current councilor Ruggero Benedetto Italo Razza, and the general managers Salvatore Sammartano and Mario La Rocca, for the damage on the disbursements and charges paid by the Sicilian Region for the compensation of the members of the board of directors of the Giglio Institute Foundation in Cefal├╣ in the period 2015 -2020, without any state or regional legislation that would legitimize the establishment of the same board of directors.
Palermo, reducing the amount of the contested damage from 545,146 euros to a total of 381,602 euros divided as follows: Baldassare Gucciardi 68,100 euros, Lucia Borsellino 107,505, Ruggero Italo Razza 59,416 euros, Salvatore Sammartano 107,505 and Mario La Rocca 39,075 euros.

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