Palermo: couples with pushchairs steal in a shopping center, arrests

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The state police arrested two young couples in the Brancaccio neighborhood in Palermo accused of having stolen in the “Conca d’Oro” shopping center.
For the investigators, the two women and two men, with a child and a stroller in tow, removed the anti-theft plates from the goods which they then hid, even in the child’s pram.

The investigations

The alarm was triggered by the legal representative of the shopping center who, thanks to internal controls with video surveillance, allowed the agents of the Mondello police station to intervene while the two couples walked away with the stolen goods.
When the four were searched, items of clothing were found in the stroller bag, in the bags of the two women and in the pockets of the jacket and in the pouch of the two men.
Other products were found in the stroller’s basket and storage shelf.
Altogether 300 euros worth of products and clothes were stolen.
The arrests have been validated.
Three were released, for one of them who had precedents, the investigating judge ordered the obligation to present himself to the pg and to stay at home in the evening and at night.

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