Palermo couple Silvana Saguto and Lorenzo Caramma sentenced to Pagliarelli prison

Former judge Silvana Saguto, who was convicted of corruption yesterday, was taken from the Villa Margherita clinic in Palermo, where she had been hospitalized for health issues for 20 days, by the financial police. She will be taken to Pagliarelli prison after the necessary formalities are completed. Her husband, Lorenzo Caramma, who was also convicted in the same case, will be taken to Pagliarelli prison as well. Professor Carmelo Provenzano surrendered himself at Rebibbia prison, while lawyer Gaetano Cappellano Seminara surrendered at Bollate prison. Both were found guilty of corruption. The case relates to the management of assets confiscated from the mafia. The arrest of Silvana Saguto, who has a final sentence of seven years and 10 months for corruption, was ordered by the Caltanissetta prosecutor’s office, led by Fabio D’Anna. The Supreme Court annulled only a residual part of the appellate verdict against the former judge, ordering a new trial to determine the sentence. However, the prosecutor’s office calculated that the irrevocable conviction is more than four years, so it cannot be suspended, leading to the decision to order the arrest. The same reasoning was applied to Silvana Saguto’s husband, Lorenzo Caramma, who will serve six years and one month, and to the former judicial administrators whom the judge allegedly favored in exchange for gifts and money, Carmelo Provenzano and Gaetano Cappellano Seminara, who received sentences of six years and eight months and seven years and six months respectively.

Palermo, Silvana Saguto e il marito Lorenzo Caramma andranno in carcere a Pagliarelli

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