Palermo, Corini plays everything in six games: four big matches after the break

The break came at the right time. Two weeks to reset and look each other in the eye, as captain Matteo Brunori had said in the press conference after the defeat to Cittadella. When they return on November 26th, they will face Ternana. In general, 6 games that will determine a lot of Eugenio Corini’s future at Palermo. The goal is to get back on track, meaning to recover the certainties of the first 7-8 matches of the season. A tough schedule before the Christmas break, starting with Ternana and followed by challenging games against strong opponents. These games will be crucial for Corini’s future as a coach. Points and convincing performances are needed.

Palermo, Corini si gioca tutto in sei gare: quattro big match dopo la sosta

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