Palermo, Corini: “I told Stulac to score on the free kick, fans were amazing”

In this content, football coach Eugenio Corini discusses the behind-the-scenes of an extraordinary goal scored by Slovenian midfielder Stulac in a match against Spezia. Corini praises Stulac for his incredible technical skill and considers him to be a very important player. The match ended in a deserved draw, with Corini’s team creating more opportunities than Spezia. The coach also highlights the impact of the fans, who played a crucial role in motivating the team to pursue a comeback. Despite the draw, Palermo remains in a strong position in the league standings. Corini acknowledges the importance of upcoming matches and emphasizes the need to secure three points against Lecco. The coach also expresses his admiration for player Soleri, whom he considers to be an extraordinary young talent. Overall, Corini is pleased with his team’s performance and believes they are improving both tactically and emotionally.

Palermo, Corini: «Ho detto a Stulac di fare gol sulla punizione, i tifosi sono stati straordinari»

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