Palermo, Corini after the victory: “Dirty game but we brought it home, those who love us should stay close”

After two games it seemed like everything was shaky, but those who love Palermo must be close to this team. This is the sentiment expressed by satisfied coach Corini in a press conference following a narrow 1-0 victory against Brescia. He emphasized the difficulty and length of the championship, praising the team for showing strength and toughness to win ugly, dirty and tough matches. The victory demonstrated character and sacrifice after two consecutive defeats. However, an injury to Ceccaroni in the first half was a downside, but replacement Marconi impressed in his first appearance of the season. The spotlight was on Mamadou Coulibaly, who scored his first goal for Palermo and secured the three points. Coach Corini praised his physicality and commended the team for their spirit and sacrifice.

Palermo, Corini dopo la vittoria: «Partita sporca ma portata a casa, chi ci vuole bene ci stia vicino»

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