Palermo. Controls in the nightlife areas, sanctions and reports

C.The activity of the Municipal Police continues in the places of the Movida. Over the weekend, the agents of the Productive Activities Unit, also in collaboration with the Carabinieri, carried out checks in via La Lumia and in Piazza Meli, imposing fines of € 9,569.00 and reporting 4 managers to the competent authorities.

In via Isidoro La Lumia, the agents of the Productive Activities Unit, upon checking a pub, open to the public, with the presence of numerous customers, ascertained the existence of a large electric cable used illegally to supply the electricity in outer space.

The intervention of an ENEL Emergency Response Team was requested, which removed the cable and contested the illegal connection.
The manager was sanctioned because the restaurant did not have the prescribed external Dia Sanitaria, for the portion of public land used for the administration of food and drinks at the tables, with a report of € 1,000 and, moreover, with a further report of € 1,000 because one of the employees, in charge of the table service, did not have the required Certificate of Nutritionist.

On Saturday, the agents of the Productive Activities Unit in collaboration with the Carabinieri of the “Palermo Centro” station, carried out checks in all the premises of Piazza Meli.

At the time of the inspections, three pubs, open to the public, were found to lack the required concession of Public Soil, as they occupied, in order to make a profit, a portion of space of about 110 square meters, with 19 tables, 58 chairs, 3 large umbrellas and 16 flower boxes, in the first case; of about 70 square meters, with 18 tables, 52 chairs, 3 large umbrellas and 4 sofas, in the second; of about 80 square meters, with 16 tables, 48 ​​chairs, 3 large umbrellas and 15 flower boxes, in the third.

Taking into account that the aforementioned portions of public land, as considered cultural property, had been destined for a use incompatible with their historical / artistic character and detrimental to their conservation and integrity, as well as disfigured, the three managers were challenged illicit occupation of public land, with a report of € 173 and the lack of compliance with the legislation on Dehors relating to the concession of public land envisaged by the Municipal Regulations, with an additional report of 350 euros.

All three of the premises did not have the required SCIA for the administration of food and drinks outside, and, for this reason, each was given a report of € 1,000.

In addition, one of the premises, although authorized for the administration of food and drinks at the counter, at the time of the check, illicitly carried out the administration at the tables in assisted mode and for this fined with a report of 5,000 euros.

06 July 2021 | 11:01

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