Palermo. Competitions flop to the Region, Siad-Csa-Cisal Hundreds of vacant places, they are destined for interns

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«The competitions organized by the Sicilian Region are proving to be a sensational flop, with hundreds of places left vacant.
The Musumeci government, after having mortified the regional employees and having decided to go ahead indefinitely undergoing judicial appeals, do the only thing possible: readmit the interns, thus saving face “.
Angelo Lo Curto and Armando Aiello of Siad-Csa-Cisal say so.

“Against 537 seats in category D – continue Lo Curto and Aiello – the winners were just 270, also due to the elimination of the reserve for the interiors.

The result is that the employees are unhappy and the Employment Centers will remain unmanned, in practice the mockery beyond the damage to the Sicilians: we invite President Musumeci and the Government to immediately run for cover, restoring the law and allocating resources to internal staff “.

05 July 2022 | 02:55

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