Palermo commemorates Libero Grassi with demonstrations: starting at 7:45 at the crime scene.

On the occasion of the thirty-second anniversary of the death of Libero Grassi, Addiopizzo and the family of the entrepreneur, who was assassinated by Cosa Nostra, promote a day of initiatives in his memory and that of his wife Pina Maisano. Despite being reduced compared to the past, the phenomenon of extortion rackets remains present and widespread in Palermo and many areas of the province. The day of August 29 represents a moment not only to reflect on what remains of his example and the difficulties encountered in the fight against extortion, but also on the relationships of complicity and convenience that are established between those who still pay protection money and do not report it and the extortionists. The initiatives will begin in Palermo at the location where the murder of the textile entrepreneur took place, and in the afternoon, there will be the seventh edition of the event “Sailing for social inclusion”. The day will conclude with a debate on the area named after Libero Grassi, which has been abandoned and neglected for many years.

Palermo, le manifestazioni per ricordare Libero Grassi: il via alle 7.45 sul luogo dell’omicidio

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