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Palermo closes the historic “Baby Luna” tobacco bar: 9 employees fired

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It is official, the historic “Baby Luna” tobacco bar closes its doors after half a century of activity.

The restaurant, located at number 1843 in viale Regione Siciliana, is yet another victim of the pandemic and the now problematic Ponte Corleone.
Yes, because due to the financial crisis that has been affecting the company for years now and the speed restrictions imposed on the route on the Corleone Bridge, they have left no way out for the managers.
A failure that has been announced for some time.

It had become unsustainable for the business to be able to bear the costs and for this reason he decided to sell the bar.

This morning they were in fact delivered to 9 employees, a pastry chef, a rotisserie, four counter and three cashiers, the letters of dismissal.
The latter are now furious with the Municipality of Palermo which has abandoned them.

The proposals, moved by the “Corleone Bridge Committee”, based on technical expertise and on what was written in black and white by the technicians of Icaro Progetti in December 2021.
Stefano Marcianò, founder of the civic organization, explained the reasons of the entrepreneurs.
“The committee has two objectives: a short-term one, which has the objective of stopping the bottlenecks and returning to the two lanes.
We believe that it can be done by lining up the trucks in the right lane, leaving the other courses to the cars.
We thought of inserting the shape limiters, or barriers that limit the passage of trucks.
This would ensure the certainty of compliance with the ordinance.
The neighborhood can no longer resist, we are almost marginalized.
The moment people start moving into second homes, there is a risk of chaos ”.

“The medium-long term objective – Marcianò explained – is to support and supervise the Administration regarding the deadlines that will come out of the final report of Icaro Progetti on consolidation and doubling projects.
We will try to find the way to make the braces.
The bridge is sixty years old.
Never had a serious maintenance job.
Such structures would serve to lighten the current load and to safeguard the existing structure

Marilena Fiore, owner of Baby Luna in the past had already denounced this situation of isolation experienced by her own commercial activity.
The picture is serious for us.
While in the direction of Trapani the lane has been closed for about a month, we have been suffering for about three months.
We have not received any response on Icaro Progetti’s report and on the works to secure the Corleone bridge.
We are starting to think about the worst, which is layoffs and the idea of ​​sending some employees home.
We have not even heard of the refreshments.
It is clear that a company cannot depend on this, but we have not had that either

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