Palermo city seeks retired urban planners to draft urban development plan for free

The Municipality of Palermo is looking for highly specialized technicians who are retired and can carry out unpaid tasks in the administration offices that are short of staff. They will be employed for the development of the new municipal general urban plan until the end of the mayor’s term. The administration needs skills quickly, which is why mayor Roberto Lagalla has signed a notice requesting “expressions of availability for external collaboration through unpaid consultancy assignments”. The aim of the measure is also to “encourage and promote the active participation and involvement of citizens in the administration of the city”. Workers, both private and public, who are retired can respond to the call. The professionals will be required to provide support in urban planning, processing, and approval of urban planning tools, ensuring coordination with regional territorial planning. To apply, a five-year degree and ten years of experience in the field are required. All applicants must declare their willingness to collaborate unpaid. There are fifteen days to respond to the notice starting from today.

Palermo, il Comune cerca urbanisti pensionati a titolo gratuito per redigere il Piano urbanistico

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