Palermo City Hall secures funding to repave Bailey bridge

The article talks about the necessary works that will be carried out on the road surface of the Bailey bridge in Palermo, following a large crater that had formed last week due to neglect and lack of maintenance. The City Council has found the resources to fund the necessary interventions on the structure connecting the Guadagna district to the Civic and Policlinico hospitals. The repair work will involve replacing the damaged wooden planks and resurfacing the asphalt. In addition, the article highlights the numerous potholes and disconnections in various roads around the city, posing dangers to motorists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. The lack of pedestrian crossings and deteriorating asphalt is also mentioned as a safety concern. Residents express their concerns about the current state of the roads, with some describing the situation as “unlivable.” The article emphasizes the urgency of addressing these road hazards to prevent accidents and injuries.

Palermo, il Comune trova i fondi per rifare l’asfalto sul ponte Bailey

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