Palermo city councillor Argiroffi defends Ztl, assaulted by two women

Giulia Argiroffi, a municipal councilor, was recently attacked in a car incident, which she filmed and shared on her social media. While leaving her workplace near Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Argiroffi witnessed two women driving against traffic and blocking her way. She filmed the incident, but the women noticed and began verbally abusing and attempting to break into her car. Argiroffi claimed to have been slapped by one of the women. The incident highlights how some people exploit the traffic control system to avoid fines. This is not the first time Argiroffi has faced aggression while filming inappropriate behavior on the streets. She reported the incident to the police but received no response.

Palermo, il consigliere comunale Argiroffi riprende due donne che violano la Ztl: aggredita

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