Palermo, chocolate protagonist at Amunì's living room

For the “Giovedì di Amunì” fifth meeting organized by the Bartolo Fazio Foundation and by Idimed, to enhance the Sicilian agri-food excellence and promote the conscious and sustainable consumption of the island’s typical products. The appointment is this time dedicated to chocolate and Sicily.

After the welcome greetings from Rubina Vicari, who designed the “Donna Amunì” literary salon, and of the Bartolo Fazio Foundation, the historical and cultural aspects of chocolate in Sicily will be addressed by the journalist Alfonso Lo Cascio, regional president of BCsicilia. Following, by the Committee of Idimed experts, the gastronomic and health aspects. We will proceed to the tasting of chocolate of different gradations from cocoa beans of various origins: Ecuador Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Leading the experiential laboratory “From cocoa beans to chocolate” will be Isidoro Stellino, Sicilian chocolate maker, who works in his chocolate shop in the province of Trapani, in Alcamo. The work will end with the pairings by the Bartending Sicilia Association and the tasting of chocolate cheese from the Bompietro Dairy of Giovanni Messina.

The event, in collaboration with BCsicilia, it will take place in the Literary Salotto “Donna Amunì” in Palermo, piazza S. Carlo, 9 and will start at 18, 00. It will be possible to participate by booking online ( and showing the green pass. The activities will be available on the web on the FB social page “Idimed”.

Chocolate is part of our Sicilian gastronomic culture as an ingredient for sweet and savory, just think of its addition in the legendary caponata or meat sauce.

A dessert that is not bad for health, with the right attention to the origin, to the techniques of processing, quantity and quality.

We have decided – the organizers write – to include chocolate, within the review “I Thursdays of Amunì”, both for the artisan and economic value that its business represents and for the nutritional qualities of cocoa, rich in micronutrients, minerals, vitamins and wonderful polyphenols. Sugars provide an essential energy supply for our physical and intellectual activity, unsaturated fats help prevent clogging of the arteries. Mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins are essential for the complex chemical reactions of our organism. Chocolate also contains exciting molecules (caffeine, theobromine) or antidepressants (serotonin) and let’s not forget polyphenols, fantastic protectors of our blood vessels. “We can therefore fully include chocolate among the foods that together with a correct lifestyle that helps us grow healthily and age successfully” says Francesca Cerami, director of Idimed and coordinator of the project.

“Quality cocoa is not bitter, this concept was introduced by the industry for advertising purposes. And I will prove it to you through the comparative tastings of my laboratory ”explains Isidoro Stellino.

Upcoming events in review: 9 December, Buongiorno Siciliano; 16 December, Treasures in the Shell, Sicilian Dried Fruit.