Palermo child compensated for having the right to run during Covid

It was one of the most controversial rules during the dark and sad period of lockdown: the ban on outdoor physical activity, even in individual form, “including that of minors accompanied by their parents.” While the infamous and feared Dpcm from Rome allowed for sports or movement near one’s home, with various interpretations on the maximum range of 500 meters, Nello Musumeci took it a step further and imposed an absolute ban, resulting in minors being “absolutely confined” at home. Now, however, a judging body (the Cga) states that this ban was unjustified and that the child – who was 11 at the time – who was denied the right to live a normal life should be compensated. A symbolic sum, of course: two hundred euros for each day that the never-accepted regulation by Musumeci was in effect. In total, it amounts to a thousand euros, with which the child – now a 14-year-old teenager – may be able to buy a new bicycle.

«Aveva diritto a correre durante il Covid», bimbo di Palermo risarcito

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