Palermo, cemeteries emergency, the point with the commissioner Toni Sala

Emergency cemeteries in Palermo. Councilor Toni Sala has decided to answer some questions to take stock of the situation. “New cemetery the solution, but it will take time”

It’s been a busy week for the municipality of Palermo.

In the Sala delle Tombidi a new rift was consumed in the majority of mayor Leoluca Orlando which saw the exit of two councilors from the council.

A crisis that seems, at least for the moment, to have returned following the appointment of two new councilors among them the municipal councilor of the Avanti Insieme group, Toni Sala to which, among others, a burdensome delegation was assigned, namely that of cemeteries.

Did you expect to be called by the Mayor for this position?

The office of assessor in the person no. It was certainly expected for the civic group present in the city council, if the choice fell on me I owe my thanks to the colleagues of the group for giving me this opportunity. That of the cemeteries is undoubtedly a burdensome delegation, the emergency is known to all, but we accepted the assignment out of a spirit of service, because we love the city of Palermo“.

With respect to the cemeteries emergency, what solution do you think there could be?

The solutions that have been identified to mitigate the current emergency of the approximately 900 coffins in storage at the moment at the cemetery of the Rolls are different and are those that go from the burial of the coffins, from the revamping of the crematorium, from the installation of a new oven. crematorium, from the identification of new burials, also through collaboration with the private cemetery of Sant’Orsola with which an agreement was signed to help us solve this problem“.

But are those he spoke of buffer solutions, the new cemetery?

The new cemetery called Ciaculli is already identified within the new master plan that was presented to the city council. It is a cemetery that can be built only after the application of the entire bureaucratic process, certainly not in the execution of my mandate. The design idea involves the step-by-step construction of the cemetery in such a way as to deliver to use, for example 1000 niches, to overcome the emergency“.

In light of what has happened in recent weeks in Sala delle Lapidi, do you think this Administration will be able to reach the end of its mandate?

“Ci are in the city council a series of acts that must be approved and therefore I trust in the city council to help the city of Palermo in line with the appeal of the Mayor a few days ago. We have important acts which, if approved in fact, do not have a political color“.

Veronica Gioè

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