Palermo celebrates nonna Maria’s 100th birthday at Boccadifalco: mayor presents plaque

The Boccadifalco neighborhood celebrates Grandma Maria on her record-breaking birthday: she turned 100 years old and a plaque signed by Mayor Roberto Lagalla was also made for her. It was delivered to her during the celebrations at the Abbey of San Martino delle Scale, where Maria Milazzo blew out the candles surrounded by loved ones on her special day. The city councilor Antonino Abbate, the municipal councilor for Innovation Antonella Tirrito, and former councilor of the fourth district Alessandro Schiera were present. “With the best wishes of the municipal administration for reaching these splendid hundred years,” reads the plaque donated by the city. Grandma Maria thanked everyone and, smiling, toasted to the great milestone.

Palermo, grande festa a Boccadifalco per i cento anni di nonna Maria: il sindaco dona una targa

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