Palermo, Carrolo’s greeting to the Fire Brigade Command


At this morning’s press conference on Provincial Commander of the Fire Brigade of Palermo, engineer Agatino Carrolo, addressed a cordial greeting to those present, announcing the end of his assignment in the Sicilian capital, assumed on 27 May 2019 and which will end on 28 February.

On that occasion, the Commander was able to tell his own balance sheet on the activities carried out and the objectives achieved.

“The years here in Palermo have been very intense, work on all fronts starting with forest fires and flood events. The provincial command carried out 18 thousand interventions characterized by the pandemic emergency that aggravated the rescue conditions, but despite this we took counter measures “, Carrolo explains.

“We have increased the rescue activity with specific covid procedures that had the function of protecting the workers during rescue operations“, Continues the commander.

Referring to the forest fire fighting sector and the related prevention campaign: “The province of Palermo has about 80% of woods and the fire risk is high. We have tried to spread that activity connected to raising awareness regarding the prevention of fires together with the mayors of the territory and the presidents of the mountain communities. However, in some circumstances the events turned out to be malicious. And I am referring to the fire, one of all, which occurred in Altofonte, a tongue of fire that surrounded the entire municipality, but by working in synergy with the provincial civil protection system we were able to neutralize the interface fires avoiding that someone got hurt ”.

“The synergies between Firefighters, Police Forces, Civil Protection volunteers and health relief are necessary to make the entire system work, obviating the weaknesses that the Metropolitan City of Palermo unfortunately presents, such as wild urbanization, overbuilding, an impermeable territory that does not receive the reflux of water, and these waters go where they shouldn’t go ”.

The commander refers to the exceptional weather event of 14 July last: “We were in the field with hundreds of men from all over Sicily to alleviate the inconvenience associated with this disastrous event, I remember the Via Leonardo Da Vinci underpass which interrupted the viability on an important traffic directive entering and exiting from Palermo, a city of about 800,000 inhabitants. There too there were no victims thanks to the rescue machine “ Carrolo adds.

So many anecdotes to tell. Remember how the firefighters were the subject of repeated stone-throwing in July and November 2019 in the Sperone di Brancaccio district

“In light of this criminal event, we ran into some kids who perhaps wanted to hurt the firefighters. We were able to intervene in the area, raising awareness and sending a message: the firefighters work to help and alleviate suffering. When the switchboard is called to communicate that there is a dumpster on fire, we arrive on the spot and see something else and we are involved in this criminal event “

With respect to such criminal events, the Committee of the Public Security Order has taken steps to establish procedures and implement joint interventions, involving the Police Forces and the Protection of the fire brigade. Thanks to this collaboration it has been possible to pursue increasingly higher safety standards for the city of Palermo and its inhabitants.

“I want to be optimistic and I hope that such events will not happen again, and I tell people to stay calm, that nothing can be solved with violence”.

Soon, Agatino Carrolo will go to Turin to carry out the prestigious assignment at the Provincial Command of Turin, and does not hide the emotion and a touch of sadness in having to leave Palermo.

“Although short, the period spent in Palermo was lived in an intense way by me; I come out of this experience with the awareness of having learned important valuable lessons for the new prestigious position that I am going to take “

I will miss him because Palermo has allowed me to grow professionally, another important piece is added to my experience. I’ve been a captain for 15 years and my experience in Palermo has been an added value for my career. It is necessary to dedicate oneself to the personnel, working among the people and with the people, not to neglect the human dimension which is fundamental in our work “.

“I bring with me the enthusiasm of the citizens of Palermo and the human warmth of this land of Sicily that will surely help me continue my assignment in Turin, another city with other characteristics. I am not discouraged “, concludes Agatino Carrolo.

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