Palermo, Can Yaman reacts to cellphone launch: “That wasn’t a fan, but a rude person”

Can Yaman, the Turkish actor, shared a lengthy post on social media explaining his reaction towards a young man who was filming him with his phone in Palermo. According to Yaman, the person was rude from the beginning and never asked for a photo or even greeted him. The video of Yaman grabbing and throwing the phone went viral, leaving many wondering what really happened. Yaman stated that the person refused to let his friend, Roberto, enter the car, responded aggressively and threatened him multiple times, and continued to annoy him by pointing the flash at his eyes. Yaman emphasized that he can differentiate between a true fan and someone who is disrespectful and bothersome. He clarified that he has never been rude to a genuine fan who respects him and does not bother him. Yaman believes that celebrities are constantly provoked and will speak up and react in the face of such rudeness, rather than staying silent and behaving. This behavior is in order to prevent provocative actions and activities that would attract media attention.

Palermo, Can Yaman dopo il lancio del cellulare: «Quello non era un fan, ma un maleducato»

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