Palermo Calcio, an agreement between the unions and the company for the "transfer" of some workers


An agreement is ready for the "transfer" of some workers from the old to the new company Palermo Calcio and the gradual return to work of the remaining former employees, about twenty, along the path of rebirth from the D series to the higher categories. The agreement between the unions and the Hera Hora could be signed after August 22, when the parties will meet. "There is an agreement with the company for the creation of an agreement – says Maurizio Rosso, general secretary of the Slc CGIL of Palermo – Our goal is the employment guarantee of the 27 workers of the former company. We understand that Hera Hora is starting again from the lowest series, and we are pleased to note the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial commitment, but it is necessary to apply the social clause contained in the contract, which guarantees the passage of workers to the new company, even if this should take place in parallel with the path that the team will take towards the major series …

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