Palermo-Brescia: Valente surprise move in Corini’s official formations

Segre and Di Francesco are added to the unavailable list this week, but Coulibaly and Di Mariano return to the team. Corini plays the Valente card from the start, leaving Insigne on the bench, while Mancuso will replace the injured Di Francesco. The team is expected to start with the usual 4-3-3 formation, but a 3-5-2 formation is also possible. Coulibaly will also start the match. In midfield, Stulac returns to take command, leaving Gomes to assist in construction and the Senegalese player to act as an interceptor. Henderson is ready to come on as a substitute. Brescia will miss Bisoli in the 3-5-2 formation, and the position of Van de Looi will be crucial. The two teams’ formations are as follows:

Palermo (4-3-3): 22 Pigliacelli; 37 Mateju, 5 Lucioni, 32 Ceccaroni, 3 Lund; 80 Coulibaly, 6 Stulac, 5 Gomes; 30 Valente, 9 Brunori (cap.), Mancuso 7.

Brescia (3-5-2): 1 Lezzerini; 32 Papetti, 14 Mangraviti, 15 Cistana (cap.); 24 Dickmann, 26 Bertagnoli, 5 Van de Looi, 21 Fogliata, 3 Huard; 29 Borrelli, 11 Moncini.

The referee for the match will be Camplone from Pescara, with Scarpa and D’Ascanio as assistants, and Gariglio and Orlando Pagnotta responsible for VAR and AVAR, respectively.

Palermo-Brescia, le formazioni ufficiali: è Valente la mossa a sorpresa di Corini

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