Palermo. Bonsignore (Cimo Sicilia) Sicily changes its organizational model for Covid patients, or not?

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The Sicilian Regional Health Department is about to adopt the new care organizational model for Covid patients.

The document, the result of the work of a technical panel set up at the Region, starts from the premise that despite the increase in infections recorded in June, the regional health system has held up, “largely maintaining the provision of ordinary health services “.

“We have some reservations about this statement” – affirms the CIMO Regional Secretary Giuseppe Bonsignore – “because it is clear to everyone how health care, both emergency and ordinary, is still largely affected by the blocking of some activities, if not even of entire hospitals as is the case of the Cervello hospital in Palermo ”.

Another important premise contained in the document hesitated by the regional technical table is that “a health organization based on a model of coexistence with the virus is necessary, dictated by the natural pandemic evolution of settlement towards endemization with consequent appropriate allocation of the patient in a recovery”.

“It is important – continues Bonsignore -” that it is finally decided, also in Sicily, to take note of the progressive endemization of Covid and above all of the fact that at the national level the health emergency was declared over from 1 April of this year.
, so much so that the same Covid Emergency Commissioner Gen.
Figliuolo has returned home, while we maintain the commissioner structures.
We believe that even our Region must finally acknowledge the conclusion of the state of emergency while knowing that it must do all that is necessary to deal with infections from a health point of view, which is not exactly what has been done so far “.

“Without prejudice to the maintenance of some ad hoc Departments for the management of symptomatic Covid patients with more or less severe respiratory disease, it seems that even in Sicily, albeit with great delay compared to other Regions, we are preparing to conceive a system that occupy, in a different way than today, the vast majority of asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic patients, a system able to better manage those who have been infected by the virus but who go to the hospital for other health problems, without however leaving out all other non-Covid patients.

It is necessary to adopt the organizational model followed in the rest of Italy which is that of a mixed management of the wards with special environments dedicated to taking care of positive patients but with other pathologies “.

“The new guidelines of the regional technical table, albeit detailed” – concludes the CIMO Regional Secretary – “are negatively affected by the presence of an incident , identify any hospitals with a prevalence of Covid beds) which risks to a large extent frustrating the sense of the work carried out by regional experts.
An inscription that seems to have been written on purpose to change everything in order not to change anything “.

08 July 2022 | 05:49

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