Palermo between tears and sidelines: who is there for after Orlando

The names. The hypothesis. The whispers. Who is there. Who waits. And a scoop.

The context looks like a famous school recreation of many years ago: all lined up in front of the bar that was churning out wonderful fried trousers. All assembled (then it was possible) without even a breath of air, without even the space for a pin. Only we are talking about a slightly more serious affair, like the municipal ones of Palermo 2022. The old King Orlando takes his leave, not by choice , because he cannot reapply – even if he has made it known that in some form he will be there – and there is a crowd of presumed successors . An audience that to the imaginary cry of ‘Mo we took back everything that has never been or’ nuost ‘ advances compact. Divided, with a single dream in common: to take over Palermo, through a democratic electoral consultation. And yes, governing a city in collapse, in the next few years, will not be a walk in the park. It is one thing to be indignant, after an angry note, for the unburied coffins in the Scrolls, another thing will seem groped to solve the problem. Or maybe this is the secret of many passionate chases. We are so bad that the first to arrive and fix something will be brought in triumph to the Politeama. For a brief aerial view, we refer to the well-informed piece of a few days ago by Roberto Immesi. And we deal with last-minute candidates and a few whispers about the more concrete hypotheses.

Palazzo delle Aquile

The Tear of Pharaoh

The weekend was politically earthquake by the ‘Leopoldina’ candidacy of Davide Faraone , awarded by his national mentor, Matteo Renzi . And soon after, to use a popular expression, phones broke. In an exclusive interview with, Edy Tamajo did not send her to say: “ The candidacies and projects are built together, consulting the base, not announcing them in the newspapers or from the Leopolda stage. Nothing personal against Pharaoh, but we are on diametrically opposed fronts ”. A clarity that was echoed, with softer tones, Gianfranco Micciché . Pharaoh? “It’s not our problem, as long as we can figure out who nominated him in the ranks. In the center-right or in the center-left? We await clarification on this. Tamajo is really right. Too many names that, let me tell you this, are still better than no name “. Miccichè, as an experienced diver of political backgrounds, scenarios of all mediations and all possible battles, focuses on the critical element: the indefiniteness . Faraone, in fact, comes from the left, is in the center and, to some critics, it seems that he also looks elsewhere.

Davide Faraone

Lagalla at the edge of the field

“I have never entered the field why should I leave? We are all on the sidelines, we are waiting for the coach to decide the team. I’m going back to the coalition debate ”. The very prudent Roberto Lagalla – by definition candidate in pectore – by his own admission he is a sideline. attitude conforms to the shrewd and quiet step of the character who, however, perhaps has already paid too much caution. And then again: “Pharaoh candidate for mayor in Palermo? I did not understand the scope of the alliances “. The strong side of the regional councilor lies in his grace and experience. But the fame of a man of excessive caution follows him like a shadow who knows if desired and how much deserved.

assessore lagalla
Roberto Lagalla

Giorgia relies on Carolina

Still in the last days, Giorgia Meloni indicated Carolina Varchi as a name that can be used for right , hoping for cohesion, but underlining that the primaries are the right place to settle the differences of views. A line followed by the ‘nominata’: “We start from the FdI proposal and bring it to the center-right table. If the table of the center-right does not reach an agreement, we will not avoid the hypothesis of the primary ”. Will the desired unity really be attainable? Those who enter the conclave as popes can leave it as cardinals.

Carolina Varchi and Giorgia Meloni

The leap from Zen to the Common

Over the weekend, for the primaries, but of the center-left, here is the name of Mariangela Di Gangi, president of the Zen Insieme laboratory. A ‘civic’ candidacy, according to a traditional scheme that contrasts civicism with the politics of the apparatus and that comes from the peripheries. Would you know how to deal with the administrative context of a city? Here the most recent and thunderous news in the catalog are succinctly summarized. Fabrizio Ferrandelli , present at the last electoral competition, will not, however, be part of the match. He clarified this to “No, thanks – when asked, he replied – it would be not to love Palermo “. Points of view. But, in such crowded times, one who does not apply is a scoop in itself.

Mariangela Di Gangi

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