Palermo: Attempt to Blow Up Postamat Fails

An explosion occurred in Palermo, Italy, when unknown individuals attempted to blow up a Postamat (a Post Office ATM) to steal its contents. Two people arrived on a scooter and placed something, possibly a gas cylinder, in front of the ATM. They then moved to a safe distance, waiting for the explosion to open the ATM and take the money. However, the explosion destroyed the ATM but failed to access the cash due to its reinforced structure. The suspects escaped before the police arrived, and investigations are underway using surveillance footage to identify them. Poste Italiane has installed a metal plate to cover the hole caused by the explosion, and a security guard now monitors the area. Damages to the Post Office branch and the availability of the ATM are yet to be determined.

Palermo, provano a farlo saltare con un ordigno ma il Postamat resiste

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