Palermo, attacks an old woman and takes away her pension: framed by a video

He allegedly robbed an 85-year-old woman last November 2 near the post office in via Rocco Pirri in Palermo. The mobile team executed a pre-trial detention order against the 39-year-old AG. The old woman had collected her pension at the post office near the central station when she was followed home. Arrived at the door of the house, the robber pushed the woman to snatch about 600 euros from her and hit her head on the steps several times. As a result of the assault, the victim suffered serious head and face injuries as well as wounds to the arm and a fractured vertebra. After the robbery she was taken to the hospital and is still hospitalised.

In the video released by the state police, the robber can be seen taking action and leaving shortly after. Precisely thanks to these images it was possible to reconstruct the phases of the robbery and to proceed with the arrest of the man, a multiple offender.

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