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Palermo – ASU Region staff: “A decree and payment order issued but we are not satisfied”

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Following our precise and drastic communication, with which we denounced the organizational inefficiency of the regional machine and asked the General Manager the removal of the manager responsible for the now chronic delay in making the payment of the subsidy to more than four thousand five hundred (4,500) workers-fathers, the Labor Department, on the same day of our complaint, issued a decree and mandate of payment.
Let me be clear immediately: we have been listened to but we are not at all satisfied! We ask for clarifications and guarantees for the future that what has been verified, in the past month and in the previous months, will no longer happen.

We will not tolerate, not only any longer any delay in the payment of those who cannot make it to the end of the month, with a subsidy / alms (€ 607.00) of a value below the poverty line and of which the Government and the Regional Parliament should be ashamed for not having done anything to increase it, we also do not tolerate that the Labor Department operates a classification entirely its own of the personnel it manages, relegating the ASU Personnel to the margins and to a lower category, precisely those personnel who perceive less and who instead, responsibly, should be better protected.

We inform you that if the guarantees requested in writing do not arrive, certifying that the ASU Personnel is paid on the same day as all the other workers managed by the Labor Department, the undersigned Trade Union Organizations will not hesitate to start a series of trade union demonstrations which, in addition to bringing to their knees many entities that depend on the work of the aforementioned personnel, will culminate with a protest in front of the headquarters of the Labor Department.

Councilor Scavone, General Manager Sciacca the time has come, if you do not want to be conniving with a system that operates continuous inequalities of treatment between workers, to intervene to put an end to this shameful behavior of the offices for which you are responsible, each for the own part.
Assessor Scavone, General Manager Sciacca, we await your urgent written reply to the guarantee requests of the ASU Personnel that there will be no more delays in payments than other workers equally managed by the same offices.
Only your action will be able to avoid the initiatives of struggle that, instead, we will undertake in the event of your unacceptable and provocative silence.


UGL Autonomous Sicily LUCCHESE