Palermo. Approved by the City Council an act of guidance for the commercial revitalization and urban regeneration of the historical contexts of the city

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The current Implementation Rules of the Commercial Plan limit the commercial activities that can be established in the areas with historical-monumental value of the city (zones A1 and A2 of the current PRG) through provisions that over time have proved to no longer correspond to the building-urban reality and have , therefore, determined on the one hand the abandonment of large parts of the historical city consolidated due to the impossibility of using for commercial purposes suitable premises for this use and on the other hand the failure to revitalize minor fabrics.

Article 5 of the NTA of Urban Planning of the Commercial Sector in force, in fact, does not allow the opening of medium-sized sales structures in the ZTO A1 and A2 and provides for the establishment only of neighborhood commercial activities, with a maximum size of 200 square meters.

Therefore, the Councilor for Productive Activities, Giuliano Forzinetti, and the Councilor for Urban Planning, Maurizio Carta, have initiated an extensive discussion between the entrepreneurial forces of the city and the Administration to implement effective government initiatives to overcome the limitation imposed by the aforementioned regulations in order to submit to the City Council, as soon as possible, a modification of the regulations for the inclusion of medium-sized sales structures within urban contexts.

This will, in fact, allow on the one hand the recovery of the countless disused properties and the regeneration of areas that are currently disqualified and on the other hand to favor new employment and determine economic repercussions also from the tourist point of view.

“The development trend of commercial activities – declares Councilor Forzinetti – has seen an increase in requests for important brands in the city of Palermo, in particular, similar to what happens in other important Italian cities, it is required to be able to find the right position in terms of visibility and marketing in the historic center of the city, destination of important tourist flows and, potentially, also economic ones “.

The commissioner Carta adds that “since the Implementation Rules of the Urban Planning Plan of the Commercial Sector are an integral part of the current PRG, for their modification an urban planning variant will be required which will be prepared in a short time by the offices, as per the mandate of the Executive, and that it will be sent to the City Council for the necessary steps of democratic discussion that the decision-making body in urban planning will want to carry out “.

05 August 2022 | 06:54

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