Palermo, appeal for the statue of Father Pino Puglisi

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Born under the arcades of the Palermo station in the midst of the suffering and need of the people of Palermo and not from all over the world, the Mission of Hope and Charity Onlus founded by the lay friar brother Biagio Conteassists thousands of poor through charity and hope.
This appeal by brother Biagio Conte and the whole Mission of Hope and Charity is to complete a bronze monument depicting Father Pino Puglisi and blessed by Pope Francis during his visit to Sicily and which has been exposed to the elements for three years.
sculptural work in bronze will be donated by Rosario Vullo (the sculptor artist, who works around the world also for the Holy See and the Orthodox Church to the entire population of Palermo and Sicily to remember the charismatic figure of PPP the suburban priest who gave his life to the least.


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