Palermo, appeal against the vote for the First constituency Candidate elected thanks to a misleading pseudonym

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An appeal to the TAR of Palermo to request the cancellation of the appointment of the president of the First constituency Giovanni Bronte, elected on 12 June and who just took office today with the new Council.
The lawyer Nadia Spallitta presented it on a mandate from Massimo Castiglia, outgoing president of the constituency: he had re-nominated but did not win and is now in the opposition.

At the center of the appeal there are alleged incorrect counts, minutes without indication of day and time, number of voters that does not coincide with that of the authenticated ballots, non-authenticated ballots.
And above all the votes attributed to four councilors who have applied in the constituencies by adding to their name and surname the words “said Zacco”, “said Ottavio”: the name and surname of the most voted municipal councilor in Palazzo delle Aquile, the force-man Ottavio Zacco, in fact, who collected 3,405 preferences.In the first district this is the case of Francesco Tramuto, elected with 427 votes on the Forza Italia list.

“In one case – says the lawyer Spallitta – the original report was not found because perhaps it was inserted in the envelope with the ballots and sealed.
In another, the section minutes were found to be completely blank, so it is not clear how the obligation to compile two identical copies of the section minutes can be respected.
Other times the preference votes are canceled or “bleached”, in violation of the law.
In some sections the preferences were affixed on sheets glued to the minutes and without stamps and signatures, therefore without any verifiability of their origin “.

Regarding the votes destined for Castile, Spallitta adds that “there are about 160 fewer preferences not recognized for the candidate Massimo Castiglia, which, if attributed, would have led to his election, having the latter lost by a difference of only 119 votes”.
Hence the request for annulment of the election of Giovanni Bronte as president of the First Circumscription.

“We knew – says Castiglia – that the elections would be complicated and the day after the counting we had accepted the outcome, despite the regret due to the small detachment from the center-right.
But given the way in which the vote is carried out and given what emerges from the section minutes, we are obliged to ask to clarify the elections of 12 June, in particular whether or not they were held in full compliance with the voters and the electrical systems of the historic center.
of Palermo “.

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2022-08-05 19:50:00

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