Palermo anti-abuse blitz in shops along Tukory but clients obstruct urban guards

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The municipal police in Palermo have seized fruits and vegetables and fined merchants in the area of Corso Tukory for unauthorized occupation of public space. Some customers also tried to obstruct the checks. A shopkeeper between Via Pisacane and Via Marinuzzi was fined for installing a sunshade tent without authorization. The man was reported to the prosecutor’s office. Another merchant in Piazzetta Porta Sant’Agata was fined for not having a sanitary certification, and 350 kilograms of food products were seized from him due to lack of authorization to sell. Near the Children’s Hospital, the police seized around 150 kilograms of fruits and some racks used for sale by a street vendor who fled with the help of some people. The commander of the municipal police, Angelo Colucciello, commented that they will continue on this path to ensure Palermo has decorum, respect, and livability. The seized 500 kilos of fruits and vegetables were donated to assistance and charity organizations.

Palermo, blitz antiabusivismo nei negozi di zona corso Tukory ma i clienti ostacolano i vigili urbani

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