Palermo, Angela from Mondello hospitalized for Covid

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Angela Chianello, known as Angela da Mondello, is hospitalized for Covid.
The woman who became for the catchphrase “There is no coviddi” shouted from the famous Palermo beach to the cameras of Afternoon 5 and therefore considered a denial symbol of the first summer after the lockdown, had already contracted the virus a few months ago and now, again positive, he had to hospitalize.

Angela’s message

From the bed of the health facility, as Palermotoday writes, Angela thanked those who are sending her wishes for a speedy recovery, reserving very harsh words for the haters who still lash out at her precisely for the statements that made her popular in 2020: “Guys are positive hospitalized at Covid “he said in the video published in the Instagram stories:” Thank you all for the thought.
I only wanted to say two little words, also because I don’t have the strength for more.
I have read so many bad things, even that karma exists.
It is true in the end I have Covid, but fortunately it can be cured, but from the diseases that you have us.
I’ll come back stronger than before “.

News from Sicily 2022-06-22 20:25:00

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