Palermo and Corini uncertain about Brunori: Soleri ready if not confident enough

In a press conference before the match against Lecco, Corini, the coach of Palermo, announced that if Brunori doesn’t start, Soleri will play in his place. Brunori, the captain of the team, missed the final training session due to a personal tragedy – the death of his grandmother. Corini mentioned that he will talk to Brunori and make a decision based on his reaction, but he believes that Brunori is mentally strong. The coach also discussed the team’s performance at home, stating that they need to improve their play to be more proactive against Lecco. He mentioned that Vasic may start the game and explained the decision to give Lund the nod over Aurelio. Corini emphasized the need to be aware of counterattacks when playing aggressively. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of improving shooting from outside the box to optimize the team’s performance.

Palermo, Corini e l’incertezza su Brunori: «Se non se la sente è pronto Soleri»

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