Palermo also celebrated the 248th anniversary of the foundation of the Guardia di Finanza

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In the “inner courtyard” of the “Giuseppe Cangialosi” Barracks, the Yellow Flames of Sicily and Calabria celebrated the 248th anniversary of foundation of the Guardia di Finanza.
The ceremony was presided over by the Interregional Commander of South-Western Italy – General of the Army Corps Rosario Lorussoaccompanied by the Major General Riccardo Rapanotti, Regional Commander of Sicily.
In the presence of the highest local institutional authorities, a representation of soldiers from the various specialties of the Corps present in Palermo and the National Financiers of Italy (Anfi) was deployed.
The oldest retired Yellow Flame in Sicily was present, the ninety-seven year old Ordinary Marshal Mariano La Malfa.

After the reading of the message of good wishes from the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and of the special agenda of the Commander General, the Interregional Commander addressed a greeting address to those present at the ceremony and gave a brief speech of thanks for the work of the financiers of South-Western Italy.
Subsequently, the same authority of the Corps and the highest civil authorities intervened, proceeded to deliver the moral rewards to the Sicilian and Calabrian financiers who distinguished themselves in the last year for particular service activities.
The ceremony was preceded in the morning, in the same barracks, by the traditional “Flag raising” and the “commemoration of the fallen of the Corps”, honored by the Interregional Commander with the deposition of a wreath in front of the monument that commemorates them.

“My thanks go to the Fiamme Gialle for the work done with seriousness, professionalism and passion.
An investigation activity and a service to citizens who, incessantly, counteract economic fraud, among various crimes, and face the attempts of organized crime to infiltrate the legal economy “.
The mayor said Roberto Lagallawho attended the ceremony this afternoon.

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