Palermo, all Covid data by municipalities and districts

PALERMO – The opening of the document: Sicilian Region, Department of Health. And then a series of numbers processed by the Statistics and Monitoring Office of the Commissioner for the Covid emergency in Palermo in the province. A photograph, taken on April 2nd. It is the ‘Coronavirus Report of the Metropolitan City of Palermo’.

The numbers of the infection

Here are the figures found. There are 6,282 positives domiciled, four hundred hospitalized, 141 ‘domicile undetectable’, that is, of which the origin is not, 43 patients on quarantine ships and 63 ‘in other locations’. As commissioner Renato Costa himself told “The data processed on Palermo, unfortunately, are affected by a chronic difficulty that has always existed, because within there are the provinces, there are Linosa and Lampedusa, there are the positives of the quarantine ships… Anyway, this counts up to a certain point, sharing, I repeat, the mayor’s concern, we said yes to the red zone ”.

The contagion in the city and in the province

Moving on to detail, that is to the ‘distribution of positive cases in the individual municipalities of the province’. In Palermo there are 3,735 positives, followed by Partinico with 243, Bagheria with 205, Monreale with 187, Carini with 154, Misilmeri with 145, Villabate with 133, Caltavuturo with 125, Termini Imerese with 94, Trabia with 83, Santa Flavia with 81, Ficarazzi with 67, Lampedusa and Linosa with 66, Terrasini with 63, Borgetto with 59, Cinisi with 52, San Giuseppe Jato with 50, Altavilla Milicia with 48, Capaci with 44, Isola delle Femmine with 43, Piana degli Albanesi with 33, Casteldaccia with 33, Ciminna with 31, San Mauro Castelverde with 28, Belmonte Mezzagno 28, Torretta 25, Mezzojuso with 25, San Cipirello with 25, Altofonte with 23, Caccamo with 22, Lercara Friddi with 22, Trappeto with 21, Ventimiglia di Sicilia with 20, Montelepre with 20, Corleone with 17, Cefalù with 17, Polizzi Generosa with 16, Castellana Sicula with 14, Vicari with 13, Campofelice di Roccella with 13, Villafrati with 12, Montemaggiore Belsito with 12, Castelbuono with 12, Bolognetta with 12 , Valledolmo with 11, Cefalà Diana with 9, Marineo with 9, Balestrate with 7, Camporeale with 7, Pollina with 7, Lascari with 6, Petralia Soprana with 6, Santa Cristina Gela with 6, Contessa Entellina with 5, Bisacquino with 5, Godrano with 5, Sclafani Bagni with 4, Isnello with 4, Collesano with 4, Alia with 3, Scillato with 2, Gangi with 2, Giardinello with 2, Ustica with 2, Giuliana with 1, Cerda with 1, Bompietro with 1, Petralia Sottana with 1, Prizzi with 1.

Contagions in the circumscriptions

Let’s go back to the Municipality of Palermo, to the districts. In the city, as of April 2, 3,735 infections were detected with a percentage of the population of 0.56 percent. In the first district there are 206 positives, in the second 609, in the third 453, in the fourth 485, in the fifth 603, in the sixth 373, in the seventh 518, in the eighth 488. The last page indicates the sources: portal “Covid Surveillance- 19 ”of the Higher Institute of Health, Quality Sicily, Istat, Palermo Municipality Open Data Portal.