Palermo, Aldo Naro’s sister and the birthday that will not happen: “An impossible reality”

Another birthday without Aldo for the family of the doctor from San Cataldo who was killed at the Goa nightclub in Palermo on February 14, 2015. Today he would have turned thirty-four, a day of sorrow, perhaps more than others, for his mother Anna Maria, father Rosario, and sister Maria Chiara. Aldo Naro’s family, after three convictions for assault and aiding and abetting, is still searching for the truth. Andrea Balsano has been definitively convicted for the murder, while three bouncers have been sent to trial. Maria Chiara has written a touching letter to her brother, remembering the happiness of the years they spent together and sharing the anger and agony of losing him forever in such a gruesome way. The letter expresses the impossibility of Aldo not being there and the struggle to accept the reality of his absence. The author also describes the changes she has experienced in eight years and the constant pain and anger she feels. The letter concludes by expressing the profound loss and the feeling of losing everything with Aldo’s absence.

Palermo, la sorella di Aldo Naro e il compleanno che non ci sarà: «Una realtà impossibile»

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