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Palermo, alarm to the Municipality: 10 million less from taxes in three months

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Increasing the collection capacity is a staple of the City’s rebalancing plan and the “save Palermo” pact with the State, but the data for the first quarter of 2022 are far from good: 3.1 million less in January compared to same period last year, minus 3.4 million in February and minus 3.5 in March.
On the day Mayor Leoluca Orlando reported to the City Council on the 180 million euro pact with the State, the alarm comes from the first report on the financial year of 2022 by the accountant general Paolo Bohuslav Basile.

A fact that is worrying in a city where the evasion of the waste tax exceeds 50 per cent, also because in the rebalancing plan, collection is essential, indeed it must increase by 0.5 per cent per year, according to what we read.
from the final draft of the agreement with the state.

The plan to save the City’s accounts, Orlando tries again.
The latest draft for Rome is ready

by Tullio Filippone

But another alarm comes from a second document, also from the accountant general, according to which the Amat has asked for the 111 million of a dispute that has never been resolved.
A fact that – according to the board of auditors and the executive custodian of the accounts – risks having repercussions on the recovery plan of the public transport subsidiary, signed a few days ago with the Municipality and awaiting approval by the Council.

Mayor Orlando yesterday illustrated the details of the agreement with Rome in Sala delle Lapidi to have 180 million in the twenty-year period 2022-2042.
The Municipality undertakes to cover a quarter of them on its own, about 45 million, and to increase the tax collection capacity by 0.5 per cent per year, that is just over 8 million euros.

A 180 million “Salva Palermo”.
“Not enough, other favorite cities”

by Tullio Filippone

“The Municipality of Palermo has a perfectly regular budget as regards debt exposures, unlike other Italian Municipalities which have several billion of debt exposure, but which undergoes the provision of sums already at its disposal due to the high level of tax evasion – said the mayor – The agreement is below and within the framework of the measures approved by the City Council with the resolution of January 31, 2022 on the rebalancing plan.
A plan that can be perfectly modified by future administrations, unlike what would happen in the event of failure “.

But there was no lack of controversy in the classroom, with the thrust of Ugo Forello, of the “Oso” group, who criticized the fact that the pact with Rome was not shared with the City Council and drawn up “without the active participation of the accountancy general”.

The mayor reiterated “that an intervention by the national government is necessary to overcome the limit of resources provided for in the agreement and to use measures against Palermo similar to those envisaged for large Italian cities such as Rome, Turin and Naples, which have obtained each over one billion euros “.