Palermo, alarm for the Covid outbreak: but it was a mistake

Fear in the structure. But the situation soon recovered. What happened.

There was no outbreak Covid in the RSA for the elderly of the ASP in via La Loggia, Palermo, as they definitively sanctioned the molecular buffers. But the alarm nevertheless occurred for a first outcome due to a mere transcription error. It was an eventful day that spent in the residence. Molecular swab routine, result: eleven positives among patients and operators, all vaccinated. The emergency procedures for the transfer and for the safety of environments and people are triggered.

The discovery of the error

But someone has a doubt and the following checks are carried out. It turns out the error, or the wrong transcription of the report which indicated positives instead of negatives. Just to be sure, the swabs that confirmed the negative result were retried. Many apologies to guests who feared they had to be moved. Then, life in the community resumed serenely.

Il bulletin in Sicily

At what point is Covid in Sicily? The numbers are stable, as the latest bulletin says. We look at the Christmas holidays with a little apprehension, in view of family gatherings. Precautions and responsibility will be very important allies, such as the progress of the vaccination campaign.

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